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Valeria Vega

Helping Others Look And Feel Their Best


Helping Others Look And Feel Their Best

Every woman wants to look gorgeous and feel healthy, but Valeria Vega not only wants to have her most esthetic appearance she wants to help others to achieve excellent shape, beauty and health, and be the best possible version of themselves.

She started her career on the beauty industry in 2015 by becoming a Full Body Fitness and Zumba Instructor and joining AFAA.

Then continued her education at The Esthetic Institute and became a Certified and Licensed Esthetician

There, she discovered her passion for skin care and makeup.

Valeria has previous background as an tattoo artist working in Body Hard Tattoo and the iconic Coyote’s Tattoo in Lima-Peru where she learned body piercing and tattooing on 2004.She decided to combine her newly found passion for skin care, make up and previous experience on tattooing and in 2017 trained to become licensed on permanent cosmetics tattooing at Synergy Beauty Academy and the international Silhoutte now SVIATO Academy. She has continued specializing in permanent cosmetics tattooing and took several advanced training courses with International trainers Paola Soto and Sviatoslav Otchenasch.

Valeria is now a Certified and Licensed Master and Instructor in Permanent Cosmetics Tattooing and Esthetics. 

And as she continues her pursuit to learn new techniques on beauty, and how to be healthy and happier every day, she has learned many valuable tools to develop a better self esteem and enjoys teaching others her secrets on beauty and strength. 

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